1. Huda Tahir

    From your posts, I’m assuming, I’m a lot older then you, but like you I don’t remember ever being able to smell. Maybe at one point I did, I just don’t remember the experience. When people ask me if I wish I did, my answer just like you is, I don’t even know what I am really missing out. However I am in a stage of my life when I wanna become a mom, I am scared of risking my babies’ life. The fact that I cannot smell can place them in a dangerous situation since I’ll be feeding them, changing there nappies, giving them medicine and be in a house that carries all sorts of dangers which are detected quicker with a sense of smell.

    • Girl

      Hello Huda,

      I totally understand your anxiety about having a little one and not being able to smell. This is something I’ve also struggled with. I haven’t yet had any little ones of my own, but I can only imagine it will take a lot more extra effort to figure out diaper changes, spoiled food issues, and what not. Luckily, I have my “noses” (other family members who can smell for me) until then, thats the plan.

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