1. Jody Jones

    Thank you for your candid thoughts! I am 73 and became anosmic about 9 years ago. I’ve had MRIs & Smell/Taste Clinic & nothing has been found as even a possible cause. My 94 year old mother lives with me and she is my ‘smeller’ & taster! I stay pretty upbeat but at times it brings me down to ‘poor me.’ I then start counting my many blessings and just keep on going!🤗 God bless you!
    Jody Jones

    • Girl

      Hi Jody!!! Thanks for reading! My sister and significant other are my noses and don’t mind smelling anything for me at all. Sometimes they’re awful things and I just look at their reactions hahaha. Life with anosmia can be tough, especially for you since you had the experience of the sense of smell, but then lost it. It’s okay though, life is a great adventure and we must always learn to keep our head up!!!

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