Happy Halloween!!!!

OMG!!! Today was such an amazing day! I walked around exploring the city and was able to meet a lot of new friends!!!  I was so happy enjoying the sights, sounds (but not smells) of everything new. I love Halloween!!! Love, GWCS

College Life: What do you get when you have a passive aggressive roommate and a girl who can’t smell? DISASTER!

Hello folks, For this week’s topic, I’m going to discuss the issues between olfies and anosmics and when they live together. Let me tell you, its not all fun and games. Many olfies are insensitive to our incapability of processing the “real” world, especially when it comes to social factors as in bad smells. They … [Read more…]

Do You Ever Wish You Could Smell?

Smelling  is probably awesome. But, I would’nt know. Like all things in life, I’m pretty sure it has its Pros and Cons. Throughout my life, I have pondered whether or not I could be trusted with this sense. I’m going to go ahead and agree that I could be, just so I seem really confident. … [Read more…]