Reader’s Story Of The Month

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to this section! This month, we are featuring a post by Brandy N. Baker. Brandy was very sweet in allowing us to post her story. This was featured originally on the “Congenital Anosmia” Facebook page:

Since we are sharing stories, here is one of mine:
When I was a little girl, around 7 or so, I found the prize Easter egg at our family egg hunt. It was a boiled egg and was tie-dyed pink, purple and blue, all my favorite colors. I kept it in my room because it was too pretty to eat and then got hungry a couple of days later, so decided to have it as a snack. I couldn’t smell it, so had no idea it was bad. I got incredibly sick and to this day can’t eat boiled eggs without gagging 🤢🤮🤷‍♀️


Crazzzzzzyyyyyy???? Omg I remember something similar happening to me but with milk.

I want to thank Brandy for her awesome story once again. If you have anosmia and would like to join the Facebook group, follow the link by clicking HERE